Museums & Living History

I wanted to gather all my posts and rants on museums and living history in one place as well as have a place to see all the museums, etc. that I've featured on the blog. Below are the links to the posts.

Building A Museum Exhibit - Part 1

Building A Museum Exhibit - Part 2

The Future of Living History

The Dilemma of First Person Interpretation

In Defense of the Old-Fashioned

Become A "Rocking Chair Historian!"

The "Simple" Myth

The Heartbreak of Museums

Things Were So Cheap Back Then!... or Were They?

Modern Changes in Museums

Featured Museums, Historical Homes, Forts, and Sites:

Claude Moore Colonial Farm, Maryland

Daniel Boone Homestead, Pennsylvania

Fort Frederick, Maryland

Fort McHenry, Maryland

Gettysburg, PA (150th battle anniversary)

Goddard Space Flight Center, Maryland

Historic St. Mary's City, Maryland

Hope Lodge, Pennsylvania

Indiana Historical Society Museum, Indiana (part 1) (part 2)

John Brown Museum, West Virginia

Kansas Oil Museum, Kansas

Lewis & Clark Museum, West Virginia

Mount Harmon Plantation, Maryland

National Air & Space Museum, Washington D.C.

National Building Museum, Washington D.C.

National Capital Radio & Television Museum, Maryland

National Museum of the American Indian, Washington D. C. (exhibit "Americans")