A New Chapter

 I was scrolling back through this blog to find the original post - it was way back in 2012! That was 10 years ago! So much has happened since then, and I have found so much joy and happiness posting happily away about history and museums and vintage food on this blog. I hope someone out there has found enjoyment in it too. I still turn back to my old posts to find a recipe or post. I love that I still find value in what I wrote even back then! For a long time I've wanted to move this platform to a more dedicated website and I have finally done that! I didn't want to migrate all of these posts, however, and am starting fresh. I didn't want to lose 10 years of wonderful history of writing, so this blog will still be active, but I've changed it to be History: Preserved Archives so that it will be distinct from my new website which is .  I hope you'll join me at my new website!

The Diary of Mrs. X - Installment 9

This next installment of the diary is full of short entries with little tidbits of information. It's understandable how interest in writing in the diary has waned for Mrs. X at this point. Isn't that how many of us are about new goals? We have a huge amount of enthusiasm for a new goal at the beginning of the year, but it tends to peter off as the year goes on.  Wednesday, April 18, 1945 Rabbits born. G. S. meeting - Rehearsal Mary Alice here all night. Thursday, April 19, 1945 Started to reduce (?) Weight 152 Paper drive —  Leader's meeting —  Youth Council —  Horseback riding lesson. Saturday, April 21, 1945 To L.A. for saddle shoes. C. called up at 7:30 to say he could not go to shore with us - but would be home soon. We went to see a movie about Chopin -& a Blondie.  Sunday, April 22, 1945 Sunshine had her kittens last night. She was so  pleading - I let her in, put her box on the davenport & sat there with her all night while she h

Ration Recipe: Beef Curry & Bananas

Beef Curry & Bananas I am so excited to share this wartime recipe with you. I actually made it back in May in honor of the 75th anniversary of V-E Day. And I can't stop thinking about it. The recipe was so simple and delicious and bizarre. I mean, I didn't even realize curry and bananas was a thing , but apparently it is! Which is super exciting, because if you were following along with my summer of vintage banana recipe obsession a couple years back, then you'll understand!   Now, you might be thinking - wait. They couldn't get bananas in wartime. Right? Well, the simple answer is that it depended on where you lived! If you lived where bananas grew, then obviously it wasn't a problem. As for everyone else... well, it was going to be a long 4-6 years before they even saw a banana again. I'll be talking more about this topic in my podcast Victory Kitchen for the upcoming Season 2! So stay tuned for that! This recipe does come from a wartime cookbook Better

Victory Kitchen Podcast

I've been a bit quiet on here for some time - mostly because I've been deep in research and editing and recording for my new podcast all about American WWII food rationing! I've been getting a lot of great feedback, which is really encouraging. If you'd like to give a listen, head on over to my podcast host site, Anchor, where you can find a podcast platform that you prefer or just listen right on Anchor! Here's the link: Victory Kitchen Podcast

The Diary of Mrs. X - Installment 8

Sorry it's been awhile. I've got all sorts of projects going on - a podcast launching in March all about wartime rationing and trying to get two books published this year! Busy busy! Here is an extra long installment from the diary of Mrs. X. Enjoy! Monday, March 26, 1945 Family wash - It's amazing how much there is in spite of Bev doing her own (& Cheryl hers) on Saturday - and Connie's shirts still go to the laundry. We get it back in a week now - usually - sometimes it's 2 weeks. I keep about 20 shirts for him now. What a help not to have to do them.  I was asked to speak to a Brownie troop today - Bracketts-Eager. - Connie had a "hook down" with his car this a.m. on the way to work. Got a company car this eve.  Bev & Cheryl came home & cleaned closets & drawers while I was out. Cheryl has a little boy friend - John H. She is so  excited - tells me all about him. Wednesday, April 11, 1945 1st G.S. Horseback riding Lessons

Ration Recipe: Orange Ginger Cookies

These past few months have been a whirlwind! I kept waiting for it to calm down, but it really hasn't. I've got more projects than ever before and not enough time to do them in. But, one project I was able to finally finish was a YouTube video of me demonstrating how to make a wartime recipe for Orange Ginger Cookies from the Victory Recipes cookbook. I started out my college career with the plans of going into film making, so I do have a little bit of editing experience which was fun to dust off for this project! My film making plans didn't work out, but my minor editing skills did come in handy. Too bad my computer had other things to say about it. It is just not cut out for editing software. Oh well! Check out the video HERE ! Here's the recipe for Orange Ginger Cookies with a bonus recipe for Ginger Snaps! Happy Thanksgiving!

The Diary of Mrs. X - Installment 7

Sorry it's been awhile, folks! What with moving and homeschooling and co-op and crazy writing & book stuff happening, it's been a bit of a whirlwind! I hope this new Mrs. X installment makes up for it though. It's short, but it's got some amazing things in it! Monday, March 19, 1945 Stayed in bed till 10 A.M. Feel much better than yesterday. All that work outdoors was good for me. C's cat was horribly mangled in front of our house last night. Shoveled it into a bucket of woon[?] — thought the garbage man would take it — but he didn't — so I buried it this evening. Didn't want Mr. C to see it — it was so  cut up! Also buried a dead hen this A.M. Don't know what was wrong with it. We're getting about 5 eggs a day now — including a banty egg. The four baby ducks seem happy in their new pen. — Tremendous  family wash today. Didn't wash last week. Jimmy S. walked part way home with Bev & Carolyn F. — & gave Bev his "slave brace