WWII Rationing Resources

Here is a list of resources about American rationing and food during WWII as well as other aspects of life on the American homefront.

If you find any great, reputable resources that you'd like to share, I'd be happy to hear from you!

**New!** I've been studying about wartime rationing around the world and am on the hunt to add to my knowledge. I share my links below!

(A big shout out to Kate for sending me some great, new resources she found!)

General Homefront
*Kids of the Homefront Army
*The National Archives at Boston - America on the Homefront
*The National Archives Docs Teach - WWII Films (video clips of actual war films)
*Homefront Conservation
*Mobilizing for War
*The Homefront (The Great Plains During WWII - subheadings include War Industries, Women, Home Defense, Daily Life, Rationing)
*The War We Won: America's Economic Breakthrough During WWII

Food Propaganda Posters WWII
The Art of War: Propaganda (from the British National Archives)
The National Archives - Powers of Persuasion: Poster Art of WWII
War & The Environtment - World Wars posters (Courtesy of Yale's Cushing/Whitney Medical Library. This site provides citations for the posters as well!)

Rationing & Food
Ames History - Rationing on the Homefront
BBC History - Rationing in World War Two
Food Rationing in Wartime America
Learn NC - Wartime Food Rationing
Oklahoma Historical Society - Rationing (a great explanation of the rationing program put out by the OPA)
OPA Film - Wartime Nutrition ca. 1943 (an awesome primary resource film!)
Rationing & Scrap Drives
Ration Coupons on the Homefront 1942-1945 (images of original ration coupons and books - all kinds not just food!)
Rationing During WWII - Iowa's WWII Stories
Rationing on the U.S. Homefront (Warfare History Network)
Records of the Office of Price Administration 1940-1949 (If you're ever in the neighborhood of the National Archives the records locations would be good to know!)
Sacrificing for the Common Good: Rationing in WWII
Smithsonian Education - U.S. Rationing During WWII (geared towards elementary students)
The National Archives at Boston - Rationing & Controlling Prices (includes actual radio clips, radio transcripts, and photographs of relating documents)
The National WWII Museum - Take a Closer Look at Ration Books  (includes photos of actual ration documents)
The National WWII Museum - Explanation of Rationing and How It Worked - lots of awesome resources!
The Two-Price System: U.S. Rationing During World War II (goes into black markets and law breaking)
War-Era Food Posters - National Agricultural Library
Westinghouse Health-For-Victory Club Magazine covers (my flikr album)
- WWII fiction author Sarah Sundin's great informational ration articles include: meat & cheesecanned goods, coffee, sugar, fats & oils, gasoline, & metals. Or go HERE for all the links in one place.


Office of Price Administration Tokens by W. Cekola (ebook)

Wartime Rationing Around the World
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Queensland WWII Historic Places - WWII
Rationing of Food and Clothing During World War II (Australian War Memorial)
Petrol Ration Tickets (image)

Wartime Recipes - British Wartime Recipes
World Carrot Museum - Carrots in WWII (This is an interesting look at a specific food! British website.)
Rationing in World War Two
Rationing: The 1940s Experiment (A blog/British ration eating experiment)
Wartime Farm

Food Rationing and the Black Market in France (1940-1944)

Everyday Life in Germany During the War (with a section on rationing and an image of a German ration card)

Rationing in India (needs more, but it's a start!)

Thoughts on the Table - Grandma's Wartime Memories: Food in Northern Italy (an interview transcript!)

Food in the Occupation of Japan

How Did World War II Affect Mexican People?

New Zealand
New Zealand Wartime Food

What Poles Ate When There Was Nothing to Eat

South Africa
Food Rationing in South Africa (original newspaper article, 1946)

South Korea
State & Food in South Korea: Moulding the National Diet in Wartime and Beyond

Soviet Union
Wartime Cuisine: What did Soviet Soldiers Eat During World War II?