Vintage Autumn Celebration Finale: Week 13 - Mapley Finale!

Sadly, we've reached the end of this celebration of vintage maple recipes! I had really wanted to try out a lot more of them than just one or two recipes, but such is life! I loved putting it together, because doing this kind of a series forces me to hunt through my vintage cookbook collection and pull out recipe ideas I never would've thought to look for before. I want my collection to be put to good use, and being able to share all this vintage food goodness with you is a wonderful way to do it. 

For the finale, I thought I'd pull out the rest of all the amazing maple recipes I've found in just the past couple weeks! Here are the recipes we've got in store:

- Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookies - wartime version sweetened with honey and maple syrup!
- Maple Sugar Cookies
- Maple Fluff
- Maple Nut Refrigerator Cake (Ooh! Exciting!)
- Maple Sirup Cupcakes (original spelling)
- Maple Sugar Pie
- Maple Candy
- and the one I'm really excited about... Log Cabin Upside Down Cake. (Yessss!)

Why waste any more time? Let's get down to it!

First up - the famous Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe modified for wartime. I made these for a presentation I did at a local library about WWII food rationing. They were a huge hit! The cookies are incredibly small - the dough you scoop out is only supposed to be 1/2 tsp. worth! I loved that about them though. They were super cute and really transportable - the perfect snack cookie! I bet they'd ship pretty well too, which is something the booklet advertised where this recipe came from. Here's the recipe with a bonus recipe for Brownies using honey as the sweetener!
Lunch Box Recipes by Nestle's, 1942
Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookies - wartime version

Next is Maple Sugar Cookies - a delicious twist on an old favorite!

250 Ways to Save Sugar, 1943

Maple Fluff is an interesting fluffy concoction flavored with coconut and almond extract!

250 Ways to Save Sugar, 1943

Lady Fingers and rolled Macaroons make up the base for this delightful-sounding Maple Nut Refrigerator Cake.
250 Ways to Save Sugar, 1943

Maple Sirup Cupcakes sound like a great change from the standard vanilla or chocolate!

250 Ways to Save Sugar, 1943
If you're wanting to try a new pie for your holiday celebrations, then this custardy Maple Sugar Pie could be just the ticket. It's definitely on my list!

250 Ways to Save Sugar, 1943

I love that this recipe for Maple Candy suggests you use cream or evaporated milk, and the lemon extract is intriguing paired with maple...

250 Ways to Save Sugar, 1943
Last but not least - the Log Cabin Upside Down Cake!! Butter, maple syrup and pineapples form the top of this classic American cake. My mouth is watering already!

Recipes for Today, 1943

I hope I've inspired you to try some vintage mapley goodness this season! I've got a lot more things planned for the near future, so stay tuned!