About Me: Sarah

Welcome to History: Preserved! 

My goal here is to share my love of history and hopefully inspire others in some simple way.

Be prepared for a lot of geeking out about history, because that is what I do! I love learning about all sorts of history, but I especially love WWII homefront, wartime ration cooking, museum interpretation, living history, experimental history, sewing historical clothing, the Industrial Revolution, the Revolutionary War, and other odds and ends.

I am all about history immersion - feeling, smelling, tasting, and doing history. This can be anything from rubbing my fingers over a delicious linen fabric, breathing in woodsmoke coming from a smoke house, cooking over a hearth, or feeling the twist of wool roving as I spin it on a walking wheel. Aah! Experiencing history is just so awesome.

As to other things, I've worked in museums since I was 13, first started reenacting when I was 15, then moved on to living history at age 18. I eventually went on to earn a degree in History with a certificate/minor in Museum Studies. I had the absolutely best job in college as the Collections Photographer for the Utah State University's Museum of Anthropology. I guess history has always been and always will be in my blood!

I'm the wife of Mr. Amazing and the mother of three fantastic kids. My family and I participate in WWII reenactments. We teach about wartime scouting, rationing, and I do the British Women's Land Army. We homeschool, and I can't imagine a better way to learn about history than dressing the part and teaching others about how cool things were in "the olden days."

Antiquing is my favorite way to recycle, and I'm on a one-woman mission to rescue old cookbooks and give them a second life in my kitchen. Besides baking, I love reading, photography, watching movies and K-dramas.

And after all that is said and done, I'm a published author. Yippee! That's one of my childhood ambitions checked off the list! (The other was to be a waitress, but I'm totally over that one. haha!)

Again, welcome! Enjoy your stay! Leave comments! Love History!!!